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Vitesse Ride Policy

Here at Team Vitesse our ride policy is to allow only team members, plus any specially invited guests, on our organized team rides.

While we realize that this may not win us many popularity awards amongst cyclists that do not belong to our team, we thought we would at least explain our policy!

As a team we have decided that safety is a top priority on our team rides. We realize that cycling is inherently dangerous, and we believe that the risk of a nasty spill does seem to increase in group rides. In fact, weve seen some pretty crazy behavior on group rides in the Valley, and some nasty crashes as a result. Ouch!

So - we prefer to ride with our team mates, whose cycling style we know and trust.

While we realize that this will not eliminate the risk of getting hurt, we hope to reduce

our risk.

We know that there are many "open" group or club rides available to all of us in the

Valley; in fact you will usually find some of our team members riding with them. But we

hope that you understand if we respectfully ask you not to join our organized Team

Vitesse rides without an invite from one of our team members.

While you may not agree with our ride policy, we do hope that you understand.

Here's wishing you safe riding out there!

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