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Circle of Pain

A tradition started during a Race Tactics Workout, the Circle Of Pain is what Team Vitesse is all about. The winner of a race, a ride, or whatever the team decides is awarded the Circle Of Pain. At the end of the day, the last winner of the coveted award is given the responsibility of choosing the teammate who did the most work or rode the hardest in support of his/her team, thus most represented the essence of Team Vitesse. This "Super Domestique" is then given the coveted award to wear all week, or until the next race or team ride.

The Circle Of Pain is much more than a worn chain ring on a dirty old shoe lace. It is the most cherished prize on Team Vitesse!


Now a storied part of Team Vitesse folklore, the Vuvuzela is the Vitesse battle cry heralding an onslaught of goofiness - and possibly, even, some hard riding.

The legend of the Vuvuzela started in South Africa, where its owner, Alessandro, traveled with this historic artifact on his bike. Thousands of miles later, and having carted this thing on his bike up many a mountain, he met our Founding Gigglers, Mike and Tim, on top of the legendary Tour de France climb, the fearsome Tourmalet.

Shrouded in mist, and with the sweat of 19 kilometers of climbing, Alessandro, recognized the brethren spirit of goofiness in Mike and Tim. Later, over a lot of wine and beer, Alessandro generously bequeathed his Vuvuzela to them to continue it's tradition in Team Vitesse.

Mastering the Vuvuzela is now a new membership requirement, and a source of Team amusement.

Used to show our support at races, to open team meetings, to herald in a new team member, or even to order a refill of a pitcher of our favorite beer, Team Vitesse proudly continues the tradition that is the Vuvuzela.

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