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The Team

Team Vitesse is a cycling, triathlon and mountain biking team founded on the principle of fun!

Our team motto is "Giggle til it hurts", so that should tell you most of what you need to know about our approach to riding!

Vitesse people have a true passion for riding their bikes, but we do it for the sheer joy of riding and for the fun of sharing this passion with some great friends. We ride as a team and we race as a team - we truly believe in the "All for one, and one for all" spirit of racing. We recognize that we haven't quite yet made it into the ProTour, so having a blast will always be more important to us than our race results! We don't take ourselves too seriously and, in fact, making fun of your team mates is expected, as long as it is good-natured and friendly.

If you think you too might be "on the cusp of greatness" but probably destined never to achieve it, then we invite you to contact Team Vitesse.

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